Why we R&D 2 C ports 20W 3.0 charger?
There are more smartphones that need USB-C charger in the market than ever before. However, there aren’t small USB-C chargers that can charger multiple devices by USB-C port.

PD 20w Fast Phone Charger

PD 20w Fast Phone Charger

PD 20w Fast Phone Chargers

Feature of SYX PD 20w 3.0 Fast Charger :
1.Almost as compact as a Quater Coin: Compact size with 2USB-C ports
2.20W Single port PD charging: Support total output 15W
3.Charge 2 Devices at the same time: Enables simultaneous charging

How fast when PD 20w charge for new Iphone 12 and Iphone 13:

PD 20w Fast Phone Charger

You can use it any way you like when you are in a hurry and need a quick charge, or when you want to charge multiple devices on hand at once.PD 20w Fast Phone Charger

What protections we have for SYX PD20 W 3.0 charger:

PD 20w Fast Phone Charger

We are focus on making GaN PD Charger for 4 years. We have experience on making PD GaN charger.
If you are seeking for GaN PD charger, do not feel hesitate to write us for price list and samples.
We will offer you the best GaN PD charger and best price.


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