Feature of PD65W PPS Fast Charger for Laptop:
1.65W Single port PD charging
2.Charge 3 Devices at the same time: Enables simultaneous charging(one for laptop and two for other devices)
3.PPS can be suitable for Samsung protocol and most laptop brands
4.Smaller than other normal PD 65W charger

PD 45W For Samsung PPS Quick Charger

Fast Charging for Iphone 13:

PD 45W For Samsung PPS Quick Charger

We use GaN Technology to make it smaller but powerful:

PD 45W For Samsung PPS Quick Charger

The Size of our GaN 65W:

PD 45W For Samsung PPS Quick Charger

Charging for 3 devices at the same time:

PD 45W For Samsung PPS Quick Charger

Rigorous test
All Products must be checked or tested before entering products facilities all unqualified materials are immediately rejected.

We provide quality control testing and analysis for each product line.

Multiple testing
Workers manufacture products in accordance with provided technical document The first several products of each day will be checked first by the worker, then by our full time QC inspector. Mass production will began only if the products have been tested and have passed inspection.

Professional QC team
During mass production, personel will periodically check products to ensure randomized testing.
Our QC team completely a tour of inspection and parts are spot checked before they are able to move on to the next phase in production.
Finished products are checked to determine their quality level

Pioneer Products of Intelligent Life
Suyuanxin has devoted strenuous efforts to establish an one-stop manufacture chain including product model, assemble, plastic injection molding and research. Based on the principle of “convenient your life”, which stands for original company, aiming at arouse your desire for smart products.

Best Product Ever
If you are seeking for GaN PD charger, do not feel hesitate to write us for price list and samples.We will offer you the best GaN PD charger and best price.


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