Iphone 13 pro max support PD27W Max for charging. We developed the two C ports 30W GaN charger. One port can support new Iphone pro max in 27W. The most fantastic is that it can support two Iphone 12/13 in PD 20W fast charging.
This charger will be the best charger for two Iphone users.

1.30W Wall Charger: Support total output 40W for two Iphone 12/13. 20w per port.
2.Charge 2 Devices at the same time: Enables simultaneous charging(one for laptop and one for other device)
3.PPS can be suitable for Samsung protocol and most laptop brands

Two Colors: Black and White

GaN 30W folable PD PPS Fast Charger

Foldable Plug:

GaN 30W folable PD PPS Fast Charger


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